Continuous Control Monitoring

Continuous Control Monitoring

We need measures to manage risks. As we become more dependent on certain measures, there is a need to evaluate their effectiveness.

Evaluating effectiveness is often still done manually, often by the second line (internal control, risk management, compliance, etc.) or third line (internal audit). This leads to long research and reporting lead times, which means that control deficiencies are discovered at a late stage. As a result, the damage has already been done and the organization is exposed to an undesired risk for a long(er) period.

Continuous Control Monitoring is a process that helps to determine in a timely manner whether all control measures have been carried out on timely and accurrately. Damage from a risk that manifests itself is thus limited as quickly as possible. Various software solutions are available that can help to collect this information. ONE Risk Advisory can help you independently with the selection of the software / tooling that best suits your, and your organization’s needs.

The added value of ONE Risk Advisory lies in the design of the monitoring process for the chosen software solution. This concerns setting up the (automated) processes that make monitoring possible, as well as determining the right indicators that enable the organization to respond in a timely manner to undesired risks.

Continious Control Monitoring

Contact ONE Risk Advisory if you are interested in implementing Continuous Control Monitoring within your organization.

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